Motor Driven Siren

Motor driven siren of medium range (up to 500m²) for audible warnings in schools, industries, shops, among others.

With ABS injected structure, it is immune to corrosion, allowing installation both indoors and outdoors under protection.

Available in 3 models, it is used for shift / period change warnings, and for fire and security alarms, depending on the type of installation (check applications).

Models and Applications

110V or 220V

Audible warning for shift / period change.
(short duration sound - 3min. ON / 15min. OFF)

Connection to the electrical network.


Audible warning for security / fire alarm, and vehicles.
(continuous sound)

Connection in 12-24VDC batteries.

Technical specifications of DP500

  • It covers an approximate area of 500m².
  • Up to 108dB @ 1m.
  • Models: 110VAC or 220VAC.
  • Low Voltage Option: 12-24VDC.
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Operating Temp: 0ºC to +50ºC.
  • Material: ABS Dark Grey Finish.
  • Measures (mm): 138 x 98 x 85.
  • Net weight: 0,42Kg.
  • Rated for intermittent use: 3 minutes ON / 15 minutes OFF.
  • Factory warranty: 1 year.
  • It allows the connection in parallel in the Signaling System DPSIN, respecting the limit of 10A.

Check the operation of DP500